Adding A Custom Form-Tag

This is the first entry in a series of articles to help developers customize Contact Form 7.

The first topic is expanding Contact Form 7’s form-tags. As you probably know, form-tags are code in a specific format within square brackets, usually representing form controls like text input fields and submit buttons. Currently, Contact Form 7 supports 30 different types of form-tags by default.
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Contact Form 7 3.9

Contact Form 7 3.9 is now available. As stated in the 3.9 beta release, there is plenty of internal restructuring in 3.9. If you are using add-on plugins for Contact Form 7 or have customized Contact Form 7 from your theme’s functions.php file, they might not work correctly after upgrading to 3.9.

If you experience problems, I suggest first deactivating all of the add-on plugins and restoring your own customization. If an add-on plugin appears to be the cause of your issue, please contact the author of the plugin (not me!).

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