About our WordPress/PHP support policy

From the next major release, Contact Form 7 will employ a new policy on support for old WordPress and PHP versions. In this policy, the plugin supports:

  • WordPress: The second latest major version (at the time of the plugin’s major release) and greater.
  • PHP: Versions recommended by the second latest major version of WordPress.

Therefore, if Contact Form 7’s next major version (5.8) was released today, it would support WordPress 6.1 and greater (because the current major version is 6.2), and PHP 7.4 and greater (because WordPress 6.1 recommends PHP 7.4+).

Previously, there was no definition on the minimum required PHP version for the plugin; there was only an implicit understanding that the plugin follows WordPress’ system requirements. This time, it is clearly defined that Contact Form 7 follows WordPress’ recommendations, not requirements.

With this policy change, the minimum required PHP version bumps up from 5.6.20 to 7.4. If you are using PHP older than 7.4, please upgrade it immediately. Keeping your sites secure is your responsibility.