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Contact Form 7 4.1

Contact Form 7 4.1 is now available. The maxlength and minlength options, and a new type of form-tag for a Twitter-like character count have been introduced. You can now get field default values from GET and POST variables as well as custom field values.

As stated in the 4.1 beta release, there has been a change in the user-input validation process and, if you use add-on plugins or custom code for Contact Form 7, you may need to modify the code to make it work with Contact Form 7 4.1.

This release also includes several bug-fixes, security enhancements, and translation updates. Upgrading quickly is recommended.

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Contact Form 7 3.9

Contact Form 7 3.9 is now available. As stated in the 3.9 beta release, there is plenty of internal restructuring in 3.9. If you are using add-on plugins for Contact Form 7 or have customized Contact Form 7 from your theme’s functions.php file, they might not work correctly after upgrading to 3.9.

If you experience problems, I suggest first deactivating all of the add-on plugins and restoring your own customization. If an add-on plugin appears to be the cause of your issue, please contact the author of the plugin (not me!).

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