Contact Form 7 5.8.3

Contact Form 7 version 5.8.3 is now available. This minor update release includes a couple of improvements.

Support of the inert-on-(status) classes

The inert HTML attribute makes the element and its descendants inert. This means you can’t click or focus on them. This also means that when the inert element is a form control, you can’t select it or change its field value. However, unlike the cases where the form control is disabled, the browser submits inert field values to the server.

Contact Form 7 5.8.3 introduces support for the inert-on-(status) HTML classes. The (status) part is a variable which is filled by one of the predefined form statuses such as invalid, sent, or submitting. On a status change, Contact Form 7’s front-end script will set the inert attribute on elements that have the inert-on-(the new status) class. Therefore, when the form status changes to sent, for example, the elements with the inert-on-sent class will become inert.

Requires: WordPress 6.2 or higher
Tested up to: WordPress 6.4.1

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Major changes

  • New DOM event: wpcf7statuschanged
  • Adds support for the inert-on-(status) HTML classes.

You can browse the full list of changes on GitHub.