Contact Form 7 3.3

Contact Form 7 3.3 is now available. This release includes new features, enhancements, bug fixes and translation updates.

Since this version, Contact Form 7 requires WordPress 3.3 or higher. If you are using older versions of WordPress, please upgrade WordPress first.

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Change Log

  • New: Introduce a new special mail tag [_user_agent] for user agent information.
  • New: Make WordPress Comment Blacklist applicable for inputs through contact forms.
  • New: Introduce new form of mail tag [_raw_{field name}]. This allows to output raw user input those have not been modified with pipes.
  • New: Make mail tags available in response messages.
  • New: Introduce new additional setting on_submit. It works like on_sent_ok and has one-line JavaScript code, but on_submit code is fired regardless of whether or not the mail has been sent successfully.
  • New: Introduce 5 new jQuery custom event triggers (invalid.wpcf7, spam.wpcf7, mailsent.wpcf7, mailfailed.wpcf7, submit.wpcf7).
  • Fix: Nonce used in a form have been changed to have no time limit.
  • Fix: Make every post meta’s key have underscore prefix.
  • The jQuery Form Plugin (jquery.form.js) has been updated to 3.15 and compressed with YUI compressor.
  • The required WordPress version has been changed and now requires WordPress 3.3 or higher. If you use WordPress 3.2, you will need to upgrade WordPress.
  • Translations for Arabic (Yaser Maadan), and German (Ivan Graf) have been updated.