Contact Form 7 3.3.1

I have recently released Contact Form 7 3.3.1. This update includes several security fixes, so upgrading quickly is highly recommended.

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Change Log

  • Fixed: Apply esc_html() to response outputs. In the case it is necessary to use HTML tags in the response messages, new wpcf7_form_response_output filter is available.
  • Fixed: Don’t use $_POST for internal data passing. Use global $wpcf7 variable instead.
  • Fixed: Treat array value correctly in the Akismet module.
  • Fixed: Escape outputs of [_user_agent] spacial mail tags used in the HTML mode.
  • Fixed: Don’t show the notice about conflicting with Jetpack to new users who rarely see such conflicts.
  • The jQuery Form Plugin (jquery.form.js) has been updated to 3.18.
  • Translations for
    Danish (Georg S. Adamsen) and
    Finnish (Jani Alha) have been updated.