Why is this message marked “Spam”?

Contact Form 7 protects your forms from spammers with several different spam protection modules such as Akismet, reCAPTCHA, and disallowed list. These modules help a lot, but how can you know which module has blocked a submitted message and why the module has blocked it?

In the past, there was no method for knowing why a message was being marked as spam. The latest releases of the Contact Form 7 and Flamingo plugins have jointly introduced the spam logging feature, which tells you the reason a message is in the Spam tray.

A screenshot image shows a spam log message shown in Flamingo's Inbound Message section. The message reads "Spam log: reCAPTCHA score (0.30) is lower than the threshold (0.50)."
Screenshot of “spam log” in Flamingo’s Inbound Message

This spam logging feature requires Contact Form 7 5.1.2 or higher, and Flamingo 2.0 or higher.