Flamingo 2.1

Flamingo 2.1 is now available. You no longer have to move spam messages to Trash manually since Flamingo does the task for you. Also, a new contributor has joined the Flamingo development team.

Auto-trashing spam

You might be getting a lot of spam messages every day and are annoyed by moving them to Trash by hand. The auto-trashing feature introduced by Flamingo 2.1 will mitigate the burden.

No setup is needed; just leave the spam messages for 30 days. After 30 days, you will find the messages are gone and moved to the Trash folder. Messages in Trash will be removed completely after another 30 days.

You can increase or decrease the number of days that Flamingo keeps messages in the Spam folder (default is 30). To do this, define the FLAMINGO_MOVE_TRASH_DAYS constant in your wp-config.php file, like the following:

define( 'FLAMINGO_MOVE_TRASH_DAYS', 10 ); // 10 days to move to trash

If you prefer to keep moving messages manually, set FLAMINGO_MOVE_TRASH_DAYS to false or 0 to deactivate the auto-trashing feature:

define( 'FLAMINGO_MOVE_TRASH_DAYS', false ); // stop auto-trashing

Notice that this auto-trashing is applied only to new messages created after you upgrade Flamingo to 2.1 or higher. Old messages remain in the Spam folder unless you manually move them to Trash.

New contributor

Umar Draz has joined the Flamingo development team. He is a WordPress plugin developer and a co-organizer of WordCamp Islamabad and WordPress Meetup Islamabad, Pakistan.

Umar did most of the work of Flamingo 2.1 development. He makes clever and beautiful code. I have great hopes that Flamingo will make a leap forward with his help.

Umar, welcome aboard!