Contact Form 7 5.3

Contact Form 7 5.3 is now available. The long-awaited contact form selector block for Block Editor has been introduced. You can now flexibly format a date using more natural expressions. The default contact form template has been improved again. As well as these, 5.3 adds a lot of refinements. Upgrading immediately is recommended.

Contact form selector blocks

Manually copying and pasting a contact form shortcode into a post content is no longer necessary as the contact form selector block type has been introduced. With a contact form selector block, all you have to do is select one from a list of contact forms you have defined.

Expanded support of date formats

While the use of some relative date formats were allowed, such as ‘today+10days’ in a date type form-tag, the availability of formats was quite limited. Contact Form 7 5.3 expands this drastically.

Now you can use all types of formats that the DateTimeImmutable class supports. Beyond that, you can also use the formats in the default value of a date field, in addition to the min and max attribute values.

Example (this field’s value shows “2020-02-29” at the time of writing):

[date date-123 "last day of Feb this year"]

Requires: WordPress 5.4 or higher
Tested up to: WordPress 5.5.1

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Major changes

  • Block Editor: Introduces the contact form selector block type.
  • Renames the ‘images’ directory to ‘assets’.
  • New filter hook: wpcf7_form_tag_date_option.
  • Date: Makes all DateTime date formats available for min and max options.
  • Date: Converts the default value to Y-m-d date format string.
  • Disallowed list: Deprecates the wpcf7_submission_is_blacklisted filter hook in favor of wpcf7_submission_has_disallowed_words.
  • Accessibility: Sets the aria-describedby attribute for invalid fields.
  • Default form template: Removes the “(required)” labels from required fields. Adds “(optional)” to optional fields instead.
  • Default mail template: Uses site-related special mail-tags.

You can browse the full list of changes on GitHub.