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Warning against the use of vulnerable add-on plugins

You can find so many add-on plugins for Contact Form 7 on the Internet. You might also assume that they have an affiliation with or are certified by the developers of Contact Form 7, but that’s not true. They are third-party products that have nothing to do with the Contact Form 7 project.

We don’t recommend any of them. In reality, some of them are known to have severe security vulnerabilities, so we strongly advise you to avoid using them.

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Contact Form 7 5.5.6

Contact Form 7 5.5.6 is now available. This is a maintenance release that includes several improvements and bug fixes.

Warning: Constant Contact users need action

This release also includes some important changes to the Constant Contact integration module which are necessary to accommodate Constant Contact’s new authorization API. If you use Constant Contact, be warned that you need to update your applications on the Constant Contact dashboard, and re-create connections to the new applications from this plugin’s Integration screen. Carefully checking the announcement from Constant Contact is advised.

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