Getting default values from shortcode attributes

Sometimes you may feel that it would be useful if you could use values from [contact-form-7 ...] shortcode attributes.

In such cases, you can use the default:shortcode_attr form-tag option, which retrieves the field default value from shortcode attributes.

For example, let’s say you have a field named “destination-email” for the destination email address:

[email* destination-email]

To get the default value from shortcode attributes, add the default:shortcode_attr option to the form-tag:

[email* destination-email default:shortcode_attr]

Then, add an attribute with the same name as the field (“destination-email” in this case) into the shortcode for the contact form:

[contact-form-7 id="123" title="Contact Form" destination-email=""]

Is that all? Unfortunately, no; there is a necessary extra step.

Normally, a WordPress shortcode only takes predefined attributes, so you need to register the attribute beforehand.

Add the following code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_wpcf7', 'custom_shortcode_atts_wpcf7_filter', 10, 3 );

function custom_shortcode_atts_wpcf7_filter( $out, $pairs, $atts ) {
  $my_attr = 'destination-email';

  if ( isset( $atts[$my_attr] ) ) {
    $out[$my_attr] = $atts[$my_attr];

  return $out;

That’s all! You’ll see “” input in the field.

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