Getting default values from the context

The default value of an input field is usually derived from the form-tag’s value part. It is, however, possible to get the default values from the context within which the form is placed.

To do this, add default:{source} option to the form-tag from which you want to derive the default value. Available data sources are: get (HTTP GET variables), post (HTTP POST variables), and post_meta (custom fields). Logged-in user information is also available.

For example, you have a field with a name “your-name”:

[text* your-name]

To get the default value from HTTP GET variables, add default:get option to the form-tag:

[text* your-name default:get]

The field will obtain its default value from the GET variable with the same name (“your-name”). Try this by accessing the URL of the page of the form with an additional query string:

If it works correctly, you should see “John Smith” in the field.

Using the same logic, the custom field value is used for the default value of the field if: you have default:post_meta option in the form-tag; and the page containing the form has a custom field named “your-name”.

But what if you have two or more default options in a single form-tag? Let’s consider this form-tag’s case:

[text* your-name default:get default:post_meta "Your Name"]

This form-tag has two default options and a value “Your Name”. The options are evaluated from the first to the last. In this example, default:get is evaluated first. If the “your-name” GET variable has a value, it will be used for the default value. If that value is empty, default:post_meta will be evaluated next. If both of these options do not have values, “Your Name” will be used.

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