In order to distinguish a form submission by a computer program versus one from a human, and also to block them, you’ve been able to use CAPTCHA. However, CAPTCHA is hard to use and a simpler approach is more suitable in some cases. With this quiz feature, you can do it by using question/answer testing with simple text that you have the flexibility to create.

For example, when you insert this tag into your form:

[quiz capital-quiz "The capital of Japan?|Tokyo"]

The content before the pipe (‘|’) character (The capital of Japan?) will be used as the question. The content after the pipe (Tokyo) will be used as the expected answer.

quiz sample

If your senders prefer math, change the tag to look something like:

[quiz math-quiz "12+48=?|60"]

You can use any question and answer. To submit the form, the sender has to input the correct answer.

When you put multiple question/answer pairs in a tag, one of the pairs will be selected at random.

[quiz random-capital-quiz "The capital of Japan?|Tokyo"
                        "The capital of France?|Paris"
                        "The capital of Madagascar?|Antananarivo"]
Available options for quiz
Option Examples Description
id:(id) id:foo id attribute value of the input element.
class:(class) class:bar class attribute value of the input element. To set two or more classes, you can use multiple class: option, like [quiz capital-quiz class:y2008 class:m01 class:d01 "The capital of Japan?|Tokyo"].
minlength:(num) minlength:10 The minimum length allowed for this input field.
maxlength:(num) maxlength:90 The maximum length allowed for this input field.
size:(num) size:50 The value of size HTML attribute of this input field.


[quiz capital-quiz id:qatest "The capital of Japan?|Tokyo"]

In the tag generator for the quiz tag, make sure to enter one pair per line.

tag generator for quiz screenshot

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