Contact Form 7 3.4

Contact Form 7 3.4 is now available. This is the first major upgrade in seven months and the main feature of this release is HTML5 support.

Contact Form 7 3.4 introduces 10 new form-tags corresponding to HTML5 input types, including tel, url, number, range and date. It also changes the existing form-tags to reflect those changes that HTML5 introduces; for example, using the email input type for an email field instead of text input type and supporting the use of the maxlength attribute for textarea.

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Note for Upgrading Users

  • This version of Contact Form 7 requires WordPress 3.5 or higher. If you are using older versions of WordPress, please upgrade WordPress first.
  • Since Contact Form 7 3.4 has changed the type attribute of the input element used for email fields from text to email, input[type="text"] CSS selector no longer matches the email fields. For email fields, the use of the input.wpcf7-text selector is preferable.
  • If you don’t wish to use HTML5 input types, you can disable this by adding the following code into your theme’s functions.php file:

    add_filter( 'wpcf7_support_html5', '__return_false' );

Change Log

  • Introduced the following form-tags: [url] and [url*] for URL field, [tel] and [tel*] for telephone number field, [number], [number*], [range] and [range*] for number input field, and [date] and [date*] for date input field.
  • Changed the type attribute of email field ([email] and [email*]) from text to email.
  • Support the use of the maxlength attribute for textarea ([textarea] and [textarea*]).
  • Support the use of HTML5 placeholder attribute (watermark is still supported and works as an alias of placeholder).
  • Support the use of readonly attribute.
  • Add the attribute aria-required="true" to each required field.
  • Introduced WPCF7_Shortcode class and rewrote all shortcode handler functions using it.
  • The following action and filter hooks have been introduced: wpcf7_mail_failed, wpcf7_support_html5, wpcf7_form_novalidate, wpcf7_is_email, wpcf7_is_url, wpcf7_is_tel, wpcf7_is_number, wpcf7_is_date and wpcf7_map_meta_cap.
  • The jQuery Form Plugin (jquery.form.js) has been updated to 3.32.0.
  • The required WordPress version has been changed and now requires WordPress 3.5 or higher.