Form-tag features

Do you remember when we learned how to register a custom form-tag type in a previous recipe? We used the wpcf7_add_form_tag() function and set the third parameter to array( 'name-attr' => true ).

We call it features of a form-tag. Contact Form 7 has a set of predefined features (listed below), and, by specifying some of them through a form-tag type declaration, you can characterize each form-tag instance of the type.

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Contact Form 7 5.7

Contact Form 7 version 5.7 is now available. This is the second (and maybe last) major update in 2022.

As you can see in the Major changes section shown below, we packed (unusually) many improvements into this release. A lot of them are not eye-catching, but are necessary to make the plugin more reliable.

Our plans for next year include introduction of the block editor-based contact form editor. Contact Form 7 5.7 and minor updates that follow will pave a smooth road to the goal.

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Warning against the use of vulnerable add-on plugins

You can find so many add-on plugins for Contact Form 7 on the Internet. You might also assume that they have an affiliation with or are certified by the developers of Contact Form 7, but that’s not true. They are third-party products that have nothing to do with the Contact Form 7 project.

We don’t recommend any of them. In reality, some of them are known to have severe security vulnerabilities, so we strongly advise you to avoid using them.

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