Heads-up about spreadsheet vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities affecting spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc have been known to exist for over 5 years, and unfortunately they seem to be still unresolved.

While it is not a vulnerability of WordPress, or its plugins, because there must be so many users of our products who are at risk of these vulnerabilities, and the damage from it could be huge, I think I should write an article here to alert you of the issue.

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Preventing multiple submissions — why this is a terrible idea.

Receiving multiple emails with the same content from the same sender in a short period of time — I often receive support requests like this.

Although some suppose these are caused by a bug or made by spam bots, in most cases they are created by real humans. It is real well meaning people who are making multiple submissions through contact forms on their sites.

They ask me if they can make Contact Form 7 prevent such multiple submissions. Actually this is not difficult at all. You have some options to do so, such as disabling the Submit button after the first submission.

You might think that such functions should be activated by default if it is not difficult. In reality such functions are intentionally not implemented in this plugin — because it obviously leads to a terrible outcome.

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