Contact Form 7 4.5

The default contact form template has been modified for the first time in 8 years. The major change is the addition of label elements.

Using a label element to label a form control is recommended in accessibility guidelines. In earlier versions, the default template didn’t use label elements, so you had to add them on your own if you wanted to make your form accessible.

In the early versions released before 2008, label elements were used in their default template, but they were abandoned for a reason.

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Contact Form 7 4.4.2

The last Sunday was WordPress Global Translation Day and we had a lot of contribution to the Contact Form 7 translation. Thank you everybody! Now we have 22 language packs available from

If you are using Contact Form 7 in those languages, after updating the plugin, don’t forget to go to the WordPress Updates page (Dashboard > Updates) and update translations. Enjoy Contact Form 7 in your language.

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HTML is Not Allowed in Messages

In the Messages tab in a contact form editor screen, you can edit messages that Contact Form 7 displays in different situations. In the messages, you can only use plain text; do not use HTML tags and entities.

Allowing HTML in a message can be a security risk; Contact Form 7 4.4 and later forcibly strip HTML when displaying the message. Review the Messages tab to make sure that you don’t have any HTML there.

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