Additional Settings

You can include additional settings to each contact form by adding code snippets in the specific format into the Additional Settings field in the contact form’s edit screen.

By default, Contact Form 7 supports the following types of settings.

Demo Mode

demo_mode: on

If you set demo_mode: on in the Additional Settings field, the contact form will be in the demo mode. In this mode, the contact form will skip the process of sending mail and just display “completed successfully” as a response message.

Acceptance as Validation

acceptance_as_validation: on

By default, an acceptance checkbox behaves differently from other types of fields; it does not display a validation error message even when the box is not checked. If you set acceptance_as_validation: on in the Additional Settings field, acceptance checkboxes in the contact form behave in the same way as other form fields.

For details, see Acceptance Checkbox.

Flamingo Settings

You can customize the Subject and From field values shown in the admin menu of Flamingo. For more details, see Save Submitted Messages with Flamingo.

Suppressing Message Storage

do_not_store: true

This setting tells message storage modules, such as Flamingo, not to store messages through this contact form.

JavaScript Code

on_sent_ok: "alert('sent ok');"
on_submit: "alert('submit');"

If you set on_sent_ok: followed by a one-line JavaScript code, you can tell the contact form the code that should be performed when the mail is sent successfully. Likewise, with on_submit:, you can tell the code that should be performed when the form submitted regardless of the outcome.

See also: Tracking Form Submissions with Google Analytics and Redirecting to Another URL After Submissions

Note: on_sent_ok and on_submit are deprecated and scheduled to be abolished by the end of 2017. You can use DOM events instead of these settings.

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