Admin screen

Screenshot image of the editor screen 1

Title of this contact form (❶). This title is just a label for a contact form and is used only for administrative purposes. You can use any title you like, e.g. “Job Application Form,” “Form for Event 2014/02/14″ and so on.

Shortcode for this contact form (❷). Copy this code and paste it into your post, page or text widget content where you want to place this contact form.

You can save, duplicate or delete this contact form here (❸).

Form tab

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Form editing field (❷). You can customize form content here using HTML and form-tags. Line breaks and blank lines in this field are automatically formatted with <br /> and <p> HTML tags.

Tag generators (❶). By using these tag generators, you can generate form-tags without knowledge of them.

For more about form-tags, see Editing form template and How tags work.

Mail tab

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You can edit a mail template for mail that is to be sent as a result of a form submission. You can use mail-tags in these fields.

Mail(2) template, which is an additional mail template that can have different contents from the primary Mail template, is also available.

For more information, see Setting up mail.

Messages tab

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You can edit messages that are used for various situations, including “Validation errors occurred,” “Please fill in the required field,” etc.

Note that only plain text is available here. HTML tags and entities are not allowed to use in the message fields.

For more information, see Editing messages.

Additional Settings tab

Screenshot image of the editor screen 5

You can add customization code snippets here. For details, see Additional settings.

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